Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Basketball Jones...

 I've been going to watch my boys play in their city league basketball for the Riverside work team.
"Boys" are really funny when they play sports, all kinds of personalities can come out unexpectedly.
So I finally decided to take my camera.  Unfortunately, sports photography is not my forteit... so I spend most of the time trying to just get a clear shot of something recognizable.

Hey, that's my boy!!  Smile.

 I tried to tell him not to put any hair product on before he went and sweated because it would run into his eye... looks like he "needed' to look good over the pain after all.
Hey, some life lessons you just can't be told, you have to learn for yourself.  I am that way too.

My strong silent mysterious man's jump shot... mostly he looks awkward and kind of like an old man playing with these kids that work for him.

 I just liked this shot... lots of thoughts and emotion...
yea, I get allot of "back of the head" shots, cause I'm not quite quick enough on the trigger.
 I guess I just won't ever try to pursue professional sports photography.
I am just not willing to do what it takes to get the angle you have to have for a good shot like this.

And I get pretty distracted with little guys like this...


Johnna said...

Cute pictues. In my brothers defense, he is still able to run up and down the court. :) I get sweaty just thinking about walking into a gymnasium these days......Thanks for all the posts it is great to know what you are up to.

Love you,

Donna Lynn said...

Did they win? Have Jacob talk to Jerad about the hair product. He is now a believer.

Beth said...

Love you too Johnna!

They actually lost this game, but one the game before this. I KNOW all about Jerad and the hair product, Jacob swears that if he uses hair spray instead of mousse it doesn't run into his eyes.
I can't make a believer out of him that he DOESN'T need it to play sports!!! The kid has issues with wanting to look his best, I can't really argue with that I guess. But I have no idea who he belongs to... Jim and I are not that way at all.

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