Friday, January 21, 2011

The winter snuggle...

Our big dogs do what we call "pig pile" where they lay on top of each other.
It's sometimes awkward to see, it doesn't look comfy most of the time.  Taylor will do it because she just "wants that spot" and isn't willing to compromise!!
But I found Rudy doing it today.
Rudy is not likely to be seen "touching" anyone.  He is getting old, and very set in his ways and he stays clear of the big dogs (mostly because he tends to get stepped on).  His eyes are not clear anymore, so he has "trust" issues, he even only rarely lets us hold him anymore.
So to find him snuggling with Morgan like this is so rare.
But totally cute, hey a guys gotta stay warm, the sun might be out, but it's still winter in Idaho!

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