Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty...

Meet Pico... I am taking care of Pico while her Mom is gone.
She is spoiled like no other... there are four different papers filled with directions on fixing her meals, hiding "hunting treats", and play time for Pico.  But I don't mind, she really is the sweetest kitty and has come from really hard times to her Mom's home, so I can totally understand her need to spoil. 

 My puppies however really give me the sniff down when I get home.
Today the sun was shining in the windows and Pico's home looked so warm and cozy. 
I decided to take some pictures of just a few favorite things...
There is a sweet cupboard... and it's loaded.
This is how she paid the teenager to come shovel snow, lift heavy things, reach something in high places for her... she paid him with a trip to fill his pockets from the sweet cupboard. 
I totally want one of these for my grand kids one day... I have such sweet memories of going to my grandma's and getting into her sweet cupboard and picking out Little Debbie oatmeal cream cakes/nutty bars/peanut brittle or peanut M&M's!  I mostly remember the handle on the cupboard door. 
 I also really love the button round... I could totally see this doctored up to be a wreath ornament, so cute.
Something else I really really love is this knotty log which has replace a standard ugly post on her porch.
With all the wood, stumps and rocks at my house, I am having one of these one day!
 Another love... the rock bird.
I can't remember her name, but she has one.
Again, I have so many rocks collected at my house... I need some cute rock animals!
And I have always coveted her raised gardens... still trying to get my strong silent mysterious man to build mine.  I will have to push harder now that he has a workbench in the garage.  Hmm spring is just around the corner.
Here are some ideas I just love and think are brilliant!!
Of course bead board is wonderful and lovely... but the tiny shelf above the master bed along with the bead board.... you don't need a head board and, it's display space (for that wood and those rocks, in my case ha ha ha).
 Roll up your blankets and put them in a tub next to the couch... so handy, so pretty.
So much better than shoving them in a closet!!  
 The magnetic knife hanger... so cool!!
No sharp knife drawer.  And you can see what you have, and I think it looks neat.
They have some of these in a simple design at IKEA, that I have been eyeballing for years.
 This is part of why her home feels so warm and cozy... but somehow she manages to stay just the clean side of clutter.  Wrap that cold light chain with a pretty vine, so cute.
She actually changes it out with fall foliage, red berries, and tiny pastel spring flowers for different seasons.
 The rod above the kitchen sink with her enamel cup collection.
We all have this space, think of the things you could hang from a small rod?  It's actually a spring loaded rod, you can install in seconds yourself... NO Strong Silent Mysterious Man needed for install.  Neato!
 Two of my favorites in this picture... the shelf above the doorway... she has them above almost all the closets, bedrooms, master bathroom, and storage closets that are nooked like this.  
Perfect way to display more of your favorite things to look at.  
Or great storage... I love the one in the closets and bathrooms for storage!!
And then another skinny rod to hang the snowflakes from, so perfect, same concept as the one over the kitchen window.  Love it!

 And the entry hall of mirrors. 
All sizes, all shapes, makes the entry look huge!!
Of course she has some super neat old mirrors from old places with really old stories, but you could copy the concept with thrift store and garage sale finds.
Do you decorate your laundry room.  Well I do, I have one of my favorite paintings that Jim's Mom painted there.  I was so concerned she would be offended when she saw it hanging in there.  But it was on so on purpose.  It was a start white wall and I absolutely think you should have things you love to look at in there... just to cushion the pain of having to be in that room for so much of your life.

 These were just some of the snowmen, I LOVE snowmen... and I especially love that they can technically stay out past Christmas and are the perfect January decoration.


Donna Lynn said...

I so wish I was there to walk over and feed Pico like we did in September. Missing you. LL

PaD said...

Sounds like Darlene's place. She is so innovative. Wonderful ideas.

HeidiT said...

Your pictures look great!

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