Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recapturing Beauty wrap up; "the quiz"

I finished the 10 day challenge, and I am so glad I did it.

Some things I knew I had issues with, not too many surprises there. However, I did learn some new ways to think about my body, and feel more beautiful and ways to work on the image I have of myself. I learned to look at myself more through God's eyes. This is a process, I do believe that much of what we build our body image on is created over years and years and those habits and thoughts take time to change and redirect. I have been a few degrees off course for a while and that adds up over time when you don't pay attention to it and you can end up going in a totally different direction than you planned. So I am redirecting my navigation to get back on course... it will take some time to reach a correct heading.

But I feel like I am on better path and have a course direction and that just feels better.

It took me forever to take the final quiz. I don't know if I was afraid of the results or what, but I couldn't even look at it after I had gone through the 10 days. It kind of opened me up and I felt vulnerable, and I never test well, so it was intimidating for me. So I ignored it for a while. But tomorrow I will be talking to a class on inner beauty, so I thought I better finish what I started and see where I am with my journey.

I could have rigged my answers, it was multiple choice and I KNOW all the right answers (so I am relying on that knowledge to teach it), but I did try to answer them honestly and accurately to where I am at right now in my life.

I scored a 14... I hope I can take this again in a year and improve my score. But I do believe I am BeAUtiFuL!!

And I want to honor and respect the body that God has given me. I have thought about when I was faced with a decision and wanted to be an organ donor... it felt right and good. But I want to be able to donate healthy organs, that will continue to give life, not diseased troubled organs. And I want to develop the qualities that I see in others that make them beautiful to me, it is so often NOT on the outside! Searching the scriptures was a great way to find people just like that and learn of them and how they develop those Christlike attributes that make them beautiful! I want to keep learning and growing, from the inside out, changing my head and my heart and going in a direction that will honor the individual beauty God gave to just me! I am the only me there is!

Score 8 to 12:
It seems that your body image is in very poor shape. This is putting you at high risk of health problems like eating disorders or low self-esteem. If you feel depressed about your body, or if you start bingeing or fasting, it might be wise to get professional help.

Score 13 to 18:
Your body image seems a little shaky, and could do with some work. A negative body image develops over the course of your life, so changing it can take time and effort.

Score 19 to 24: Congratulations, it seems that you have a positive body image. Your healthy attitude is lowering your risk of problems like eating disorders. However, there’s always room for improvement - you can further strengthen your positive body image by reading up on body image issues.


Emily :] said...

I totally agree with seeing yourself through Heavenly Father's eyes. It's all that matters anyways! :] What quiz did you take?

Beth said...

At the end of the challenge the link takes you here...


Beth said...


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