Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remebering "MY" Veterans...

My heart is very touched by the many stories I read, or pictures I see about those who serve in our armed forces to ensure the freedoms we enjoy. But when I think about the veterans in my own life, those close to me... "my" veterans and think about what they have done, and see pictures of them during their service... I still can't imagine that kind of sacrifice, but it does touch me differently than just seeing or reading about them in the media.
My father in law, Jack... my brother in law Jerry... Uncle Fred, Uncle Gene, our nephew Devin and more... I love you, honor you, and thank you!
I accidentally found a small veterans memorial in a nearby town and took the time to walk through, take some pictures and just ponder and think about what it means to me to have them in my life and to know personally souls with outstanding courage, enormous pride for our country and heroic selfless dedication.
I was surprised to see this just off of a very busy boulevard, tucked away and I have probably driven by it many many times and never knew it was here.

A plaque for each war with names of those who died in service from the State of Idaho.
A copy of the Gettysburg address... I don't think I had ever read the whole thing before.

And this statue was a neon light symbolic of the eternal flame... a little cheesy compared to the rest of the memorial, but their hearts were in the right place.

My favorite part was the flags.

It's good to slow down in our busy lives and remember why we are here, and all that we have to be grateful for! It is through those quiet peaceful reflective moments in our lives that we are often taught the most.
Happy Veterans Day!

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Donna Lynn said...

You always have a way of expressing the thoughts I have. I, too, am very proud to know them and have a deep respect for the men they are.

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