Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pull it together...

Ironically I am teaching part of a class to the young women for a youth group activity at church tonight on "Beauty the 411... inside and out". The ironic part is I am doing the INSIDE! You would think that all this work I have been doing on my own inner beauty would be preparation enough.
But I am panicking!!
I woke up this morning, with sooo many thoughts, I haven't been able to narrow them down to something managable. I have been pondering this subject for so long. That never happens that you get that much time to prepare... but in my overachieving efforts to help the youth have 3 months worth of calendar planned for youth group activities, I am living out my own punishment because they asked me to do this months ago! Pure torture, I tell you. Who knew "the inside" was such deep subject?
It's 1pm and I still look like a train wreck (but I do feel beautiful on the inside, smile).

I just have to pull it together and quit panicking!
Yeah... not surprising, no self portrait today :)

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