Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Survival is so sweet!

I don't know why I WORRY so much about teaching gospel principles to the youth! But when I am preparing it scares me TO PIECES!!
I am worried about saying something wrong or worse not teaching doctrine. I stress about boring them. And fear a complete mutiny!
None of which ever happens... in fact tonight was wonderful. My part of the lesson was much less than perfect, I was shaking and nervous and my mouth got really dry and I was choking and had to keep looking at my notes like they weren't really my thoughts (even though I spent ALL DAY LONG trying to put all of my thoughts onto paper so I could be more concise). But the girls are so loving and forgiving and they don't really judge me for all of those imperfections, they were just really kind, no banana or tomatoes were thrown at me, and...
As is often the case, I learned so much more preparing for this time with them, than I could have EVER taught them.
Heavenly Father is so sweet, He knows me, He loves me and He helps me to feel BeAuTIfuL, He teaches me and helps me to grow by stretching me but never ever leaves me alone, He helps me to find my courage, it was there all along, I just needed Him to help me find it!

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