Friday, November 19, 2010

Strong, Silent, Mysterious and Quirky!

My Strong Silent Mysterious Man took me on a date night to the Temple last night.
It was the BEST, mostly because it was his idea, and he made all of the effort to schedule his time around work to make it happen. I forgot my camera, but he was really willing to do a self portrait when we got back to the house. But note... I could only take two pictures, they had to depict good shots of get this... his guitars, and after that he was done.
Something funny I thought about last night, as we walked inside, it was really cold outside... it felt like it could snow and the air was damp, but it was not raining. I fell behind his stride, as I typically do and kept secretly hoping he would slow down and take my hand and be all romantic walking into the beautiful Temple where we were sealed for eternity. But the haunting conversations we have had over and over in the past of him telling me, "I can't walk that slow" kept knocking on the back of my mind. He thinks it is physically impossible to walk at the same pace I do... so in almost every situation he is paces ahead of me. And really I have kind of long legs and a long stride, and don't walk as slow as someone of shorter proportions than me... so he totally must leave others in the dust. It is never a problem for the teenager, they walk at a simular rate... but that almost compounds my problem, leaving me to be a third wheel left to fall behind in most of the activities we do together. They both use the same disclaimer, but personally I still think it is hogwash! They could slow down if they wanted to! Slowing down is different than making your pace faster, you can only go soooo fast, but slowing down is not the same. You can go at a snails pace, if you wanted to. I did it all the time in the sixth grade depicting Jamie Sommers as the Bionic Woman when they accompanied her slow moving extra abilities with that ching, ching ching music! It's possible!!!
Just something I drifted off in thought about... another pricess fairytale dream to have my eternal companion walk with me hand in hand into and out of the Temple. When a girl should just be counting her blessings that she has a prince charming to take her to the Temple, and that he is a worthy priesthood holder and honors the covenant and sanctity of marriage. All of which I am very very grateful, and so happy to have such a wonderful strong silent quirky mysterious man who loves me.
It just goes to show, men are from mars and women... well some of us still dream in fairytales about our prince charmings... and I am so okay with that at this point in my life... I don't dwell on it, I love him for who and what he is. And I know that it is never too late to live "Happily Ever After" because I am living it, against all odds with the quirky, fast walking men in my life.

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HeidiT said...

So funny, my dad always uses the same excuse as he is leaving us in the dust!

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