Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recapturing Beauty Day 8: Self Talk...



Pay attention to your thoughts today. Ask yourself, How do my thoughts make me feel? Is what I’m thinking really true? Practice challenging your negative thoughts and replacing them with more truthful ones.

Our thoughts determine how we feel and act. If we talked to others the way we talk to ourselves, we would be ashamed.The beauty of being human is that we can control our thoughts. Start by recognizing your thoughts, challenging them, and replacing them.

Since I started this challenge, I have heard allot of the talk going on within myself. The voices in my head were one of the first things I noticed that was askew when I began researching how God sees my beauty. Interesting. My self talk is louder than I thought. When I began to challenge it, there was allot of arguing going on, angel vs. devil on my shoulder kind of thing... particularly with food choices. Which made for an interesting day. I won some and lost some of those arguments. I think my inner voice did not like being challenged. I will have to work on replacing those thoughts with new ones. Without much practice doing that, and with years and years of listening to those negative thoughts, this might take some time for me. Mostly I noticed that I can't always believe my own self talk, it is not accurate, and often lies to me, or tries to justify things (which is just as bad as lying in most cases). It's just not being "real"... my self talk is in some kind of fantasy world, and has NO concern for consequences. It's very insecure and could be challenged, repent and learn to be a better voice for "beauty"... with some training!

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