Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recapturing Beauty Day 7: Tune out the media...



Tune out media – no TV, movies, magazines and internet surfing. Instead tune in to nature. Notice a sunset, gaze at the stars, sit by a stream and listen to the water.

The media constantly barrages us with unrealistic and unhealthy ideals of beauty. Because we are incessantly bombarded, it is impossible to remain unaffected. Get in touch with who you are independent of these messages and find your center in things that are real and lasting--your personality, nature, and your relationships.

I didn't do this one completely... I totally had to watch Hawaii Five O... I am totally taking a "do over" when I can go spend time outside in God's beauty... maybe taking photos and listening to His creatures or next to the stream... that sounded pretty good to me. I just didn't take the time to do it. What I did do during the show I watched, was mute the commercials, and even put my hand up to cover so I couldn't see during one that was selling women's underclothes and it just shows a bunch of half naked women in all kinds of yucky poses! I even reached over and covered the teenagers eyes, but he wasn't looking either! Phew!

I can see where we get hung up comparing ourselves to that kind of beauty.

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