Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recapturing Beauty Day 6: No Fat Talk...



Refrain from talk about weight or shape of self and others. Be aware of how often you compare yourself to others, and evaluate how this makes you feel.

The obsession with weight, shape and appearance continues among women partially because we encourage it in each other. We have made it unacceptable for a woman to be at peace with her body. Refraining from speaking about weight and shape-- positively or negatively--allows us to focus on a person’s real value and worth.

For me not weighing... and then not talking about NOT weighing has been a little bit of a challenge, but a really good welcomed challenge! So nice to give myself permission not to think about my weight (I don't talk to very many people about it...so that part was pretty easy). What I found was that I can still eat healthily, and exercise, and not really have any fat talk (giggle...that just sounds funny when you say it out loud). But it is so true, most of my negative self talk is fat talk, I talk to myself about it all the time!! It's so disturbing. I love to think of my self and have different talks now, about how beautiful I am and what things make me beautiful besides my body image! It's SOOOOO easy to see it in others, not sure why it's so hard to see those things in myself. But I am working on it... one day at a time :)

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Lindsey said...

I agree Beth... once I get to know someone I don't even notice there body shape anymore... only there personality yet I tend to judge myself on my weight and how I am feeling about myself compared to how I have done with eating that day. UGG... it is frustrating!

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