Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Word art and I found the photos...

I really can't take all the credit for the creative side of the Mothers Day projects... I found it here and fell in love, I don't know her, but I have been following her blog ever since.

It was shown as a "family" name sign... and I really love that too!!

My love of words got me thinking of a million ways to have fun with this idea...

1. Make a "save the date" wedding announcement card with photos of you and your man together spelling out the date.

2. A baby announcement spelling out "It's a boy" or a "girl"!

3. Send a series of photos in the mail of you holding a word that they would receive each day (so they wait the suspense of the week long question) to spell out "Will... You... Go... To... Prom?".

And all of that creativity led me to "alphabet letter photography"!

Oh how I really fell in LOVE with this idea!!

The very next days after I learned of this art... a friend in our church donated one to our auction! She makes them and only uses her pictures from LDS Temples around the world.

So cool!!! I have to have our last name done that way. It would represent out ETERNAL family! LOVE IT!!!

I finally found the photos I took of the almost finished projects in the back of the car on the way to the post office to mail. Sorry, not great, but you get the idea. My sis inserted a better final photo when it arrived in Seattle, she had taken some really cool shots at the farmers market downtown with fish in the background (I know, she is a show off... he he he jk Sis, they turned out GREAT!!!).
What I loved the most about this one, was that we all live in different places and were still able to come together for Mom on Mothers Day! That was my favorite part and a great symbolism for Mom every time she see's it.
I was really proud of our first attempt at this.

The other one... well a little more challenging to come up with a 3 letter word, and one that might inspire.

But I thought it was perfect for her! She doesn't always have the confidence that she was a great Mom, but we think she is! The hope was that every time she looks at this photo, she would KNOW it for herself too! What a great Mom (and grandma) she really is to us!

One of my favorite parts of this project, was that my boys were so willing to go take pictures at the last possible day we could make it and still get it in the mail on time, and it was windy and cold! (neither of them are big on taking photos, and to get several shots AND make them take photos of me too... yep going on miraculous... it was all for Mom).

And I loved the date in the corner!!

My other favorite part was the beads... it just summed it up!
I still have lots of fun ideas to do this project again, and again, and again in different ways, with different words!

Thank you to "My Mix of Six"!


McDowell Family said...

I love those pictures! Could you help me and the kids do one for father's day?? since there is on;y 3 of us we could just do "DAD" I think he would love it. And it would be so unexpected! Let me know! Thanks

Beth said...

Sure Ann, I can share what I learned, they are pretty easy!

HeidiT said...

I saw this when you first posted about it and just LOVED it! What a cute idea, it turned out great -- I'll have to think of some ideas to do one.

Beth said...

I also thought about making "THANK YOU" cards, and doing the photo with Jim holding the whole word THANK, and me holding the YOU, then printing the pics together on the front of a note card to mail to people.

You could have cards that say pretty much anything... so many ideas, it could be fun!

I LOVE words!!!

Lindsey said...

I love those ideas! The pictures are great! I am gonna have to work on one around here.

Della said...

There is no greater gift!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Loved reading about how it came about! Love and hugs, Mom

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