Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...

We are so blessed to have two of the best Mom's!
It was fun framing some pictures to send and surprise them with!
I can't find the photographs of the framed copies...
I am having photo and computer issues right now.
But I will add them later, when I find them :)

I love being a Mom, but I never thought I would be a good Mom, so I had no aspirations of being a Mom and wasn't excited about it at all... until the very moment I found out I was a Mom!
It was amazingly awesome!!
And I had a very good teacher that taught me the important things. I hope I have taught our son enough about the important things in life.
I never worried more than when I became a mother, now I worry enough for all the mothers anywhere, ever!
I am so happy that Heavenly Father knew to only send me one... I would never survive the following stages with another child...
tree climbing
putting the dog to sleep
drivers training
spelling tests
the first bike wreck
most family home evenings
the time before he was tall enough to hold his food up higher than the dogs could eat it
the day he was tall enough to touch the ceiling
when he learned to ask why?
learning to use blenders and electric mixers
hit by his first pitch at bat
wrestling with Dad
and I think graduation and sending him off on a mission will quickly be on this list!
I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I wouldn't trade it for anything from the moment I knew he was going to be ours!


Tony said...

I love those pictures! I hope you had a fabulous mothers day!
(this is Megan :)

six Thompson said...

Beth, I love, love the pictures - what a great idea. I totally want to steal that idea for my mom. You are so creative and talented.

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