Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring flowers...

After picking confetti out of the grass, and getting a much later start on the morning than I had hoped {this is me, still pouting about teenagers}, I was able to get the fertilizer on the lawn and get it lightly sprayed before the irrigation water shut off.
Then I got to my flower planting... think water, water, water... don't forget to water them!!
If I make it through without killing the teenager it will be a miracle {yes, he is responsible for throwing the hose in the flowers, AAAHHHHH!!! just breathe!}
I thought I might try out some Gerber daisies this year, I really love them!

And it just wouldn't be a blessed day without someone tracking mud on the porch, literally minutes after I got it washed off! I think this was My Strong Silent Mysterious Man... you gotta love BOYS!!!
These planters were on the back porch when we first bought this house, and I have never planted anything in them live. Only put some fake greens in them.
I think I like them live... let's see if I can keep them live!!
There wasn't much to chose from for hanging plants... don't people make their own hanging baskets anymore?

I guess we will see how this blue stuff works out, it looks like it might fall over the edge, like I want.

Ivy geraniums.. hmm something new for me too... am I going too far out on the limb?
We will see.I kind of ended up with a red, white and blue theme on the back porch... it was my attempt to try and branch out... I always end up with pink and purple. I never buy yellow, but I did get one this year and stuck it out in front, because I had no theme going out there... my luck it will be the one plant that flourishes all season long! And the onion grass was here when we bought the house... and I forgot it blooms once a year and makes fluffy pink balls! Oh well so much for a theme.
Then I finished getting the bird houses secured in the tree.
Not that the birds around here are so stupid as to get in a house that low to the ground... but I just like to look at them, the teenager made them for me.

And the lone tomato plant! No pressure little guy, but I could use enough tomatoes to can spaghetti sauce this year! I still don't have my beds again this year, and not sure where I would generate the time to take care of them if I did.
So do me proud!And hopefully I can get to all those tomatoes before Morgan this year.
Oh the joys of gardening... I always start off so hopeful, that I might find the joy.
But so far I am just crabby!


Della said...

Great job, Beth! It looks beautiful!!!! I love you, Mom

Kristi M. said...

I would be so ticked about the lawn crud! I too think it could be considered vandalism especially if it starts ruining your property. I would be furious with bumper stickers. That one is not even funny. Where did you go for flowers? My mom and I always go to Fred Meyer. They have a great selection of flowers and there are lots for hanging pots/baskets. There is a petunia that works well for that as well as others. Ivy leaf geraniums are my absolute favorite and pretty easy to grow. Good luck with watering! Always seems to be the hardest to do.

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