Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun or not so fun?

We were hit again! It's starting to get a little old now. We woke up this morning with many chores on the list to get the yard and house ready for company coming for graduation... and had to spend WAYYYY too much time picking this out of our grass and trying to get toilet paper out of our tree (of which we just can't reach the top, and have to wait weeks for the wind to blow it out, nice look for company coming huh?). I am losing my sense of humor, the last time it was Vaseline under the door handles and BUMPER STICKERS on the car (I know!!!) , with a box of toothpicks and cotton swabs spread all over the grass. I was not happy and pretty sure that was not how the Lord wanted us to spend our time on a Sunday after it happened cleaning it up. Then to find out later that paint on the car is ruined!
This just feels like vandalism to me!
It's not fun anymore.

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