Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just for today...

I have had so much to think about, but the thoughts are just forced to come and go so quickly to move on to the next thought... that I haven't had much time to really think about my thoughts!


So when I looked at my calendar and saw a date I had made to go sew my trek skirt that I won't need until July... I almost changed plans. That could certainly wait, it is only May, right!

I am so glad I didn't! It was the most wonderful thing I did all day!

And I even got in some thinking time as I looked out the window in between modes of the project to a gorgeous view!! It was so peaceful... (did I just say sewing was peaceful?... uggg! I am losing it).

I loved talking with "the girls" about nothing in particular at all... and certainly nothing stressful! It was a wonderful couple of hours!!

And my skirt is done, Yay!!!

Thank you Alison!!
(check, just a bonnet and bloomers to go)
So in 2006 I was in red... I loved my red skirt and bonnet!

For 2010... I picked this smokey blue!

Next, I want to finish some thank you cards to the many many hands that helped us pull off a fund raiser dinner auction to raise some money for the scouts and our pioneer handcart trek!

That was last Friday night... and I am just barely getting over the burn from that huge event... but it could not have been done without countless hours of service from many many wonderful people. So the thank you notes are on the top of the list! They must know a glimpse of how appreciated they are.


Rachel Ann said...

My house! Thank you Beth!!! :)

patsy said...

That looks like a ton of fun!
trek... oh you are a brave woman-

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