Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 94th...

December 18th, 2009
It is my Grandmothers 94th birthday!

She kept saying she hadn't even thought of her birthday, and had no idea today was her birthday!

She was really excited, and very animated!

No problem with the candles!
I knew we could have put all 94 on there... he he he.

She loves surprises!!

She really loves pretty earings!

She was so gracious, and kept telling us thank you!!
"More than words can say"

She loved cake and ice cream... who doesn't?

She is really happy it's her birthday!
It was so fun to see her laugh.
Especially since last year, she was not in balance and not very happy, and asked us to leave. What a difference this year, this is the Mama I know and love! I knew she was still in there.
Jim and Mama and Beth
Della, Mama and Wilma
Happy Birthday Mama!
We love you!

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Donna Lynn said...

Thanks so much for sharing the birthday party!

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