Thursday, December 17, 2009


Thursday Jim took Mama to her hair appt. so she will be all pretty for her birthday party tomorrow. Joanna met us at the farm and we headed downtown Greenville to check out main street.

We stopped for lunch at a cute little restaurant that was in a tiny brick house right by the river downtown.
I thought it would be hard to share my brother with someone new in his life... but I love her, she is so fun and he adores her!
And we took all the photo opportunities...

Joanna is a self portrait princess..l. I love it!
She totally fits!!
This is at the park by the river that runs through downtown.

Waterfalls even... so pretty.

We had fun walking through the park.

I love the old buildings...

And architechture...

It would be so fun to live in one of these lofts above the downtown shops...

This store front was adorable with the 3 sizes of wreaths tappered and the garland over the door... so pretty.

I bet these trees are really pretty at night all lit up, or in the spring with leaves on them.

Window shopping.
Another cute photo op... I want to be photogentic when I grow up!
Mom had a flash back when she saw the Cochran Jewelry clock... it used to be THE place downtown, and brides would come to register for their china pattern etc.
The clock was on a pole beside the street. It is a pretty clock.

On the way out of town, we stopped at Poe Mill... this is the house where my grandmother was born. Can you imagine, 16 children here?

The old mill burned down a few years ago, but one of the buildings still stand. My great grandfather worked at Poe Mill.

Another self portrait of us hanging out!
For dinner we went to visit my Uncle Ken (my Dad's brother).
I always marvel at how much he is like my Dad.
His daughter and I used to talk about how we wished we had the others Dad growing up, because ours was the stricktest!
But I think we both made out pretty good.
I just wonder how their mother dealt with two of them growing up together! She was a Saint!
Uncle Ken and Brenda.
He really is one of my favorite people.

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