Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ground Control Crew...

We touched down in North Carolina early this morning. The flight was fairly non-eventful, once I got past some major turbulence somewhere over probably Iowa... ugggg I hate turbulence!!
Our ground control crew however was the best!!!

My brother Jim and Joanna!! He picked us up and chauffeured us to her home and she had a big ol' breakfast ready for us to sit down and eat, complete with grits!!! Yum!!!!

It was our first time meeting, we had chatted on facebook but it was only brief. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I love her already! I was really impressed and inspired before I even walked into her home. She painted her front porch herself... It is so beautiful!!

I wish I would have taken more pics of her home all decorated for Christmas... she is really creative and has done so much work in her home herself... like tile and wood floors, she layed herself! I am sure if my strong silent mysterious man sees this he will forbid me to hang out with her... for fear I will be coming home with all kinds of ideas and inspiration, but it might be too late. The Christmas spirit hasn't come just yet for me, but I think my creative side of the brain was awakened in her presence!!
That always spells trouble for my boys... he he he.

This was our sight seeing on the way back to the farm... it's a big peach water tower! Cute!
I couldn't whip out my camera quick enough to get the "Welcome to South Carolina" sign as we entered the state. Maybe after a nap, I will be back on my photography toes again.

The final touch was to find a rose in our rooms when we arrived.
Soooo fragrant and beautiful and really thoughtful!!
Thanks to the best ground crew!! I can't wait to spend this week with you, it is already times to be cherished!

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PaD said...

Hi Beth. I hope you have a great time with all your loved ones in S. Carolina. How long do you get to stay? I'm jealous. I wish you all could come see us but I know your other half and how he hates to travel. Have fun. Love you, Mom D

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