Monday, December 14, 2009

Seattle for a day...

I arrived in Seattle this morning after just a few hours sleep.
I never sleep very well before I travel, I am so afraid I will oversleep and miss my plane.
It has been so cold at home, when I walked outside in Seattle it almost felt tropical!
My Mom was at the bottom of the stairs to meet me and my sister was anxiously waiting with the car. I remember when you could meet your arrivals at the gate... those were the good ol' days.
Anyway, we went back to my Mom and Dad's and my sister picked up her granddaughter and brought her over to play with us for the afternoon.

1st stop cookie jar!
Meet the cookie monster!

My brother and sister came over after work too.

My Sis... I really miss her!!

My brother and SIL...

My Dad playing with Brooklynn... this was the monster sneak, I am not sure who is scaring who!

B's Dad (my nephew) and Mom...

It was a really fast day... but we had so much fun being together!!!
Now Mom and I are at the airport tonight to catch the red eye to the east coast! I hope my boys are home safe and sound... they aren't answering the phone, so there either out partying, or the party is at my house and the music is too loud to hear the phone... either way trouble is brewing, I can feel it.


Brit said...

Looks like you had a fun day! I hope you are going somewhere fun on the east coast. Tell your mom hello for me. It has been a really long time since I've seen your parents. Love you!

Beth said...

Brittany, I got on your blog and caught my Mom up on you and your family! She was thrilled to see the pictures, and couldn't believe Ukiah!! So fun... she says next time you come to Seattle to visit Aimee please come by and see them if you can. Hugs!

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