Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wednesday woes...

Yesterday started out as a pretty good day, I was able to get my cherries transformed into jam and canned in jars before I had to work.
I lost some cherries, which made me really sad, but I still ended up with 15 jars!
I love canning!
Then the day kind of went down hill from there... poor Rudy pulled a toe nail off getting out of his kennel. No close up's, but trust me, it is really gross!
I did get the bleeding stopped, but the entire nail is gone... well I found it laying by the kennel. OUCH!
Next, right on schedule... 3 days into Jacob being gone, Morgan began puking!
Ugggg! She was heaving and gagging all afternoon, and up all night last night.
She would pace and pace and cry to go outside, and when I let her out, she would frantically go chomping on grass. I guess that is what they eat to make themselves throw up or something?? But then she wouldn't come back inside... I commend her for not wanting to puke on the carpet... but at 3am I was willing to take my chances.
I finally coaxed her inside and would get the door closed behind her and lay down on the rug by the door with her. Then she would stand up choking again.... and I would have to let her out and start the whole process over again.
At first I thought she really had something going on in her throat; but then when I got up about the 7th or 8th time... I was trying everything to calm her down... she was panting and breathing heavy and very very anxious. So I grabbed one of Jacob's shirts (I knew there was a good reason I hadn't gotten laundry all done yet). And she finally stayed laying down the rest of the morning in my bed with me... burring her head into our pillow and rolling over on the shirt.
It is crazy how sick this dog get's when he leaves. How are we ever going to cope when he leaves to go on a mission for 2 years? I wonder if they would let her go as a seeing eye dog... we better start training now, just in case.

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