Monday, June 29, 2009

White water adventures...

Jacob left this morning to go with the scouts his age on a white river rafting camp out adventure on the Salmon river above Riggins, Idaho.

So we were up at 3:30am getting in one more scripture (he was up at 3am ready to go, and honestly I don't even think the kid slept all night) and family prayer.

Then he and Conor loaded up to go meet the rest of the boys at 4am.
Thanks Conor's Mom for driving them, so I could try and go back to sleep... we decided the night before, there was no sense in all of us Mom's getting up and dressed that early. Conor and Jacob's birthday's are days apart and so she thought ahead and sent up birthday stuff for them to have treats with a candle to blow out and some birthday surprises. I was pretty much done with "birthday" after the golf clubs... I hope Jacob understands and is all good with sharing a Little Debbie cake and blowing out a candle with Conor. If not I will make it up to him, with a birthday cake when he gets home.

This is seriously taking more faith than I have had to muster up in a very long time, maybe EVER! I want the kid to go have a really fun time, but I can't say that I am not very worried and uneasy (more than usual) about this one.


Jim called me today at lunch, to have me read Jacob's patriarchal blessing for comfort... it does indicate he will have many very specific joys and blessings throughout his life and mentions nothing about drowning in a river on his 17th birthday (sorry, I am using sarcasm to keep from crying again). So I guess that helps. It is a really good resource for comfort, I was totally impressed he thought of having me do that.


At this point, it is really out of my control. So I am trying to turn it over to God to watch out for him. And have Faith... lots and lots of Faith that my prayers will be answered this week!

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Della said...

One of the hardest things about being a parent is the turning lose to let them "sink or swim" on their own. Putting him in God's hands is the best thing you could possibly do as there is no better place for him to be. You have much for which to be thankful. My prayers are with you as you wait and with him as he experiences life to the fullest. I love you, Mom

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