Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob...

It is hard to have Jacob away from home for his birthday this year.
Today is his 17th Birthday, I guess it is ironic that on this birthday as he approaches the age of an adult who no longer needs me constantly by his side, he is not by my side; but off on an adventure of a lifetime!
I have thought of every detail of the day he was born, looked through all of the memorabilia. I kept everything. The phone bill to show everyone Jim called to tell them he had arrived. The cards, and well wishes. The little ankle id bracelet that identified him as ours.
He was born in Woodland California, and I remember the month he was born there was a string of baby snatchings from hospitals. And one from the area we lived. I couldn't tell Jim often or strictly enough to NEVER EVER take his eyes off of him (in case I was unconscious) once he arrived, not even for the nurse to go weigh him!!! I worried about that, and it became my focus... so every time Jim would leave the room to go call the family and give them an update, I was so unsettled that the baby would come and they would take him out of my sight and he would get stolen! It was a terrible fear, but somehow a real fear of motherly protection I would carry with me even until today. I was the mother that would not let her child let go hands in the store. The mother who would take her big boy into the ladies side of the public bathroom. And now the mother who waits engulfed in prayers until he comes home safely from this rafting trip.
In spite of my constant worries, I have been able to have allot of fun with him.
Somehow the kid has a sense of humor that expands so far beyond his Dad and I both. He finds humor and light in most every situation. It is contagious. Even when I am trying to be my most reverent serious, he can make me laugh through his lightheartedness. Which is not so good, when you are trying to punish him and can't keep a straight face.
He can also be just as quiet and gentle and full of thought. He has brought more joy to our lives than I ever knew was possible.
I hope the next 17 years brings new adventures, less worry, and allot of laughter and lightheartedness and continued joy.

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Megan said...

Happy birthday Jake!

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