Monday, March 18, 2013

Messing with the Missionary...

I don't post much about the missionary here, because we post all of his letters and photos on the mission blog.  It's definitely not because I don't have much to say about him.  Just ask me!
Or not, you might be sorry you asked.

So far, in my Missionary Mom experience most everything I could say about him or this journey has been so very personal that it is hard to just write into words.  

But there have been things that just help us get through from one week to the next.

Here is an example... 
He and his Dad (aka The Strong Silent Mysterious Man) have a teasing relationship.
They tease back and forth relentlessly.
Just a NOTE:  I do NOT like to get caught in the crossfire of these "were just having fun" jabs, because someone always gets hurt!!  Always!!

So last week, when the missionary sent home a photo of him holding a bird, of which he KNOWS I am freaked out by bird feet, they are just weird and gross and their toes face backwards.  So creepy!!  So I laughed so hard at his facial expression in the photo.  

We looked at it all week and just laughed and laughed... it's so Jacob to make us laugh, I think we miss the laughter in our home the most from missing him.  So it's really fun that he can do it with a photo.

So to send a jab back (I don't know? but HE thinks it's funny), his Dad had me take this photo of him and Taylor pretending to imitate his photo.  To me it's just cute the way Taylor is looking at him, like "really Dad, this isn't funny at all and I am NOT a bird". 

Oh the silly things we do to pass the time... I promise we have been doing some really productive things over the past two years too.
I promise!!

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