Friday, March 22, 2013


There are NOT words to describe how much my Strong Silent Mysterious Man did NOT want to get shots required to go to Paraguay!!
I can't tell you how many times since I made the appointment, he asked me how much they hurt?

The nurse was really really good with him, and he even got hit sucker before he got his shots!  Yep, that's what a baby he was being.
Of course I am kind of a pro, I had to under go a series of shots when I started working in healthcare.  It is never fun, but it's really not that big of a deal.  They kept a world map in the hallway and pin where people are traveling... we were the first to put a pin on Paraguay!

He was soooo super proud of himself for getting them done when it was finally over, and this is the brave photo he wants to send to the missionary.
But of course I will send the whole reel, ha ha ha.

Stress prior to getting shots, $Thousands in therapy.
Shots to travel to Paraguay $800 (ouch!)
An opportunity to go to the mission field to pick up our son $Priceless!


Travis and Jana said...

Jim is so funny! We miss you guys so much. When are you headed to Paraguay? Will it be this Fall? It seems like Jacob left in September. Keep us updated! It's very exciting!!!

Beth said...

Hi Jana,
Not sure of the exact dates yet but yes he left on Sept 7th.
We will keep you posted, we are sooo excited!!
Thanks for staying connected with my blog, I have been super lame on posting :)

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