Friday, March 22, 2013

Hands Down...

Something fun for Spring...
Uggg... I am so aware that I have old looking hands now.  Loose skin, spots and dry patches... double uggggg.  
I also feel like people are always looking at them at work, because that's what I do waiting to get checked in at the doctors office.... I am watching to see what they are typing in my chart and checking out their hands.  
Since Professional nails are not practical for what I do with my hands, and too expensive to up keep.  And my nails chip and peel and I have a terrible time getting them to grow past finger length.
So I am trying a cheaper version of "do it yourself" to see if I can find a balance and feel a little prettier.
Cause a girl has to "feel" as pretty on the outside as she does on the inside!
So far so good, easy to apply, strong surface I haven't messed up typing and doing laundry.  And there pretty!  I thought they might be a little wild at first, but there growing on me.
What do you think?  
Too young?
Too wild?
or Pretty, like I payed attention to myself for more then 10 min.?


Sorenson family trio said...

Cute nails!!! They look great and festive!!

Anonymous said...

I think they look so great and so cool! I will come over so you can practice on me. Love, Emily

HeidiT said...

I love them! Are they the kind that you stick on and then blow dry?(I can't remember the name)I love those ones, all of the cuteness without the frill or cost.

Beth said...

Yes, "Jamberry" low on cost, high on cuteness! They stayed on really well for two weeks and I am so impressed how much healthier my nails are when I took them off, stronger, longer.

HeidiT said...

Jamberry - oh yes that's the ones I was talking about. I got a little "sample" of them at one of those fair/booths shows and really liked it. Good to know they lasted so long, I think I'm going to have to get some!

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