Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's new...

I can't believe how much time is flying between posts.
I normally have pictures that create the inspiration for a post and I have been super lame at taking photos.
So no blogging has been generated.

But so much is happening, I have to update so I can look back and not feel like life stopped.

So one of the happenings this week, is that our ward was split and a new Caldwell 16th ward was created.
At the time of the announcement everyone who was being moved from their ward into a new ward was released, everyone, all at once.  
So basically all new leadership had to be created in two wards.

That creates allot of buzz. 
And for me, working for one of those Bishops... I knew what kind of pressure that put on him so I was having anxiety pains for him during the  day and worried about the prospects of a new calling for me and Jim.

Well Jim got his call early in the week, he is the new High Priest Group Leader in the new 16th ward.  He was blown away and in shock!
He says its very humbling, but he is also very very excited!  There is a wonderful group of men in our ward to serve with, so that is really exciting to him.

A funny story about the transition... Saturday he read an email from the old presidency that said they would cover things for Sunday.  Then Sunday he was sustained in the calling in opening exercises and they moved to another room and he walked in last, sat down in the only chair left open in the room (the Stake Presidents chair) and everyone was starring at him.  He was looking around the room taking it all in, still in a daze, and someone tells him "your the man".  Meaning he would be conducting the meeting.  He was totally taken off guard, but muffled through it.
Later the Stake Presidency asked him how he was doing as we were leaving the building and he said jokingly, well after I get this wet shirt off, I will be okay.  The Stake Presidency member told him next week it will be a little less wet. 

So when we get home, he takes off his suit jacket and his shirt is literally soaked!!  I thought he was just joking, but nope, he was wet to the bone with nervous sweaty yuk!!!
Poor guy, but he is busy busy busy already, he used to come home and enjoy some quiet tv and dinner... this week the tv has not been on, and our phone has not stopped, it's all good and he will be a great leader.
But life has changed at our house for sure :)


Travis and Jana said...

What an exciting new calling for Jim! He will do so great! We miss you guys and wish we were a part of the new Caldwell 16th Ward.

Beth said...

Thank you Jana, we wish you could be here for all this excitement too!

Donna Lynn said...

I'm so excited for you and Jim. Change brings many opportunities and I will enjoy watching you and Jim make the most of this opportunity. Love you guys.

PaD said...

Love your blog.

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