Monday, January 9, 2012

Well I haven't talked much about this adventure yet, so sorry if your reading it here for the first time.  Didn't want a fuss, and waiting to let the missionary know when it's all over and all is well, so he won't worry.  So we didn't want any leaks to him either.
I really really appologize, for not chatting much about it before now.
But I am getting a new generator today... aka new pacemaker.
Yea, I don't use it, but the battery still drains and it's just time for a new battery.

So I'm actually at the hospital typing this, and board, and hungry.
So I decided to start blogging about it now to pass some time.

I have my support team

Mom is here!  And Jim, well he would rather be hunting.  But bless his heart, he is here too.
He said to be sure and get the clock in the photo, so when we take another photo  in the same place in an hour, we will be able to document another hour passed.

And I have some friends in high places here...  J.Briten :)

This is my Doc... she said she ate her wheaties this morning.
So I will see you on the other side.  Unless I get in another post before I go in.
Thank you for the prayers!
And a big thank you and shout out to Amber for covering for me at work!
Don't get fired :)
(she is the Doc/Bishops wife, so she has my back on all accounts)


Panda said...

Ugh I am glad I didn't know.
But now that I do, Prayers are with you, the family and the medical staff.
Can't wait to hear you are out and doing great!

Panda said...

okay so i had to go back and read the blog again... are you just getting a new battery or is it the whole new pace maker that they are replacing?
Still praying and waiting for mom to message me that all is great *smile*
Love you Beth and I am so happy Jim has mom there to pace the floors with :o)

PaD said...

You are good at not letting us know.

I'm glad you're okay and getting better each day. Take care and don't overdo.

Love ya, Mom D

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