Monday, January 9, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new!

 So one new generator later
I am back in my room...
Anxiously awaiting the beloved missionary letter...
So first things first, read me that letter!
 Jim says, so I will read you this part out of the middle.
??? He reads the "good story"
I am a little groggy, but definitely wondering whats up?
Why can't he start at the beginning?
I want to hear the whole letter... bring it here!!! 

He carefully reads the rest of the letter which includes some illness he has dealt with this week.
But there is a special note to me,"please don't worry Mom, I am okay"!!!
I guess I will get to put those words back to him next week now :)
Don't worry Elder, I am okay!!!
I LOVE my missionary!!!
 I have had the best care, and they continue to make sure I am healing and doing great!
I might even take Jessica home with me, she is a doll.
(lynn she reminds me of kathy sooo much, dimples and all, I love her)

Then some rook... but I tell you my strong silent mysterious man was skunking us, not even a shredd of mercy on the patient here. 

Or Nene... he will take you down and kick you while your down there in a competitive game of Rook.
But he has redeeming qualities and went and got me the best hamburger in Boise for dinner!!

Then a little later this evening, the door cracks open and I looked up and see Brett!
What, wait? I got a little disoriented, this is my BIL and he lives in SLC.
I brain kept going around with the question, where am I again?
It was the best surprise ever!  Then I realized it was him and he was really here to see me!!!!!
Patsy it reminded me of when you came to Seattle and walked into the Temple to be with me, just before the doors closed.... words just don't explain the love and joy you feel.
I have the best family!!
Thank you everyone for your prayers, I am feeling good.
Recovery should be quick.
Only one tiny set back, with the new generator having to be installed on my right side instead of my left... so no lifting or raising my hands over my head on either side.

Jim realized that meant he would be doing my hair for a while for me, and we just decided I might not look pretty, but he is the bestest husband and I love him so much!

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amberchristinesnow said...

You look great. Take good care of yourself...yes of course you are missed, but we will limp along til you are ready to come back. Our prayers were answered...well gotta get going so I'm not late. xoxo

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