Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ward Christmas Breakfast 2011...

This morning was our annual Ward Christmas Breakfast...
So I was trying to remember to get photos to send to the missionary.
And I was doing pretty good until I used up my entire card recording the now famous and most requested musical rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
But I managed to get a few shots... I am hoping others will donate their photos to the cause so I can send them to him to enjoy.

 It was a cute hat day for the babies :)
 Jacob loves the babies...

But most of all, he will LOVE this one... It's total a Kodak moment!
We will call this materpiece... "Christmas Oranges"!
It's actually the title to one of the missionaries favorite books... his Aunt Patsy used to send him a Christmas book every year and he has quite a collection now for when he has a family.  


Travis and Jana said...

You are going to have to send me that orange face picture! Hilarious!
I wish I had been there. I made it a little later in the morning but my teething little boy kept me up for most of the night so we slept in!

HeidiT said...

I was just thinking this morning during my commute about how well planned out and executed the breakfast was - from the paper/crayon table cloths(genius!!!) to the activities to the food. Everything was casual, relaxed and inviting!

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