Monday, November 28, 2011

The tale of the table...

One year when my Mom was here helping me to decorate and including the guitar "collection", we painted and had such a great time fixing up my living room.  
But I didn't have much money to put into the project, so after buying paint and lights, that was the end of my budget. 
So for a table we took one of my FAVORITE crates Jim's Aunt Mary gave us and we put a piece of plexiglass on top and wala`!

I loved it, it had character.
I LOVED the crate and wanted to see it... it was adorably perfect.
I think you should have things around you that you love... not just decorate for the sake of decorating (hence my modge podge of decorations... aka things I LOVE).
But it also had character flaws... if you set your drink down, be sure it's in the center or the table will tip.
It was NOT kid friendly at all, so I was always a nervous wreck when little ones came over.
Not a trait you ever look for in your furniture.

And then there is the mission slat table... it has skinny 70's legs, love them!  But they were wobbly... nothing a little Gorilla glue won't fix. wala' more seating, a bench slash table!
Did I mention my mother is brilliant at fixin' up a house!!
I loved this table.
Jim got it at an auction when we lived in Buckley Wa. and it was painted several layers of white and green.
I had taken some time to strip the paint off and it was beautiful wood underneath, but it sat in the garage waiting for a little more TLC. 

Well we had been looking for a "real" end table.
We looked online, at furniture stores, ebay, craigslist, thrift stores.
We looked at allot of end tables.

My strong silent mysterious man kept telling me "you get what you pay for".
And the more I looked, the more rickety cheap furniture I found.

At new furniture stores, we couldn't find anything we both liked, that we could agree on.
We kind of have totally different tastes in furniture... not a deal breaker, but it makes for lots of compromising when decorating.  Lots!!!
Well we saw this one at a furniture store.
Jim fell in love with the exotic wood.
It had a coffee table to match, that we were NOT looking for.
But I liked the coffee table better than the end table... even though they were a match.
The end table just looked very masculine to me... but the coffee table, I could see lots of room on top to tie it into our room.  But we weren't looking for one of those.  Hmmmm.
We left and looked another couple of weeks at everything under the sun.
That beautiful wood did keep coming back to my mind.
And it was the only thing my strong silent mysterious man seemed to fall in love with, he is not really a furniture faller in lover.  But he really really loved this piece.
So on Black Friday we looked at it again and it was on sale, a big sale... so out with the old and in with the new.  (well not really all the way out, I have a new home for the crate and I am saving my favorite mission table for the missionary in case he likes it and needs some furniture when he comes home... sadly just guessing he will get a life that will not include living at home)
What a difference.... at first I was not sure?
It looked really dark.
But after we agreed on a some future flooring (something like these)... I knew I would love it!
 I think this is kind of what we were looking at but the wide planks and it's really textured like the tables, so it won't show nicks and digs (or doggie paw wear).
But has the light and dark wood to tie our dark tables and light oak built in bookcases... 
like we did it all on purpose :)

It's ours now, and I do love it.  I love that he loves it.
It's super study, you can walk through without tipping it over and you can set a cup right on the edge (if you wanted, but I just dare you to).
I like that it holds all my cool wooden bowl... it's kind of turned into a collection now.
Of course if you have ever had to listen to me while dusting... you know it took me an hour to clean out all the junk (aka guitar picks, golf tee's keys, screws etc.) out of them, so I could actually use them on display.  If your at my house, ask me about my bowls, some really talented people made them for me!
And I have the perfect coasters already... leather carved from Ecuador, they really go with the exotic wood now... ask me about those too!
We sent a picture to the missionary, we hope he likes it too!
I only have three bruises to the shins on day two (not used to running into a table that doesn' t move), so I think they will really like their new home :)h


The Pioneer Queer said...

Your blog screams you and the pictures are fantastic, can't believe how tall Jacob got!!! He must have switched from baseball playing to basketball!! You write with the same warmth you speak and I love feeling it... I miss your living room! Those guitars, that sweet puppy, your handsome hunk, which by the way neither of you have aged a day since I left ID, do you still have that pretty vase sitting on your kitchen table?? I love your home, always did, and its so odd the things I remember about the towels and soaps in the bathroom!! When you are a mormon missionary, you really appreciate a clean shitter!!!

haha! Anywho, I love the new table, good job guys, way to find peace in compromise... See you soon!!
xo thepioneerqueer

Anonymous said...

I love the furniture, Beth. I think they suit you guys to the "T"! So excited for you and all the fun changes you made to your living room. So fun!

Love, Emily S.

Della said...

WOW! What a difference a little change can make. The flooring will make it even more fantastic!
Great looks so beautifully warm like the Dayley's feel!!! The compromise worked!!!!

Donna Lynn said...

Love the tables.... great thought about going on Black Friday. I know you were not into the original price. It must have been fate - you and the tables.

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