Saturday, December 3, 2011

♫ Oh Christmas Tree ♫

For some reason Friday nights are hard for me.  It's the only night of the week I am not buried with things to do, meetings, responsibilities etc.  
And while I look forward to the occasional date night, it just seems like the farthest night away from the missionary's last letter home, and not quit close enough to get excited for the next.

This week as I struggled with the old lights that probably just need to be replaced, I finally got the tree half way lit and was running out of momentum.

The missionaries came by and asked if I needed help with the tree?
 Oh boy did I!!
 The teenager always reached the high stuff for me.
 They did a perfect job!
 When I offered them a drink, they even picked Jacob's favorite, it was almost like having him here.
When I opened the chocolate I found this huge scoop inside.  I am not sure, but I don't think this comes with it (we had some extra in a drawer)... this is how he likes his chocolate milk... one big scoop please :)
It made me smile, I love my missionary!

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