Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Cheer...

This is just for journaling purposes to remember where I put all the Christmas joy.  It makes for easier decorating in the years to come.

 Jim commented on how much he likes the shelves NOT cluttered with a bunch of stuff.  He likes just one or two things on a shelf.
Interesting concept, because he is the one who empties his pockets when he comes home and puts keys on one shelf, sun glasses on another, pocket knife on yet another shelf, and change in a decorative bowl, with scraps of metal and screws on another shelf.
It's just how he rolls I guess.
The non-clutter comment... interesting.

The  back of this reindeer says Jacob Dayley 1st Grade... it's his foot and hand traced.  I am hoping the extremely large foot size is caused from tracing with shoes ON, or his lack of cutting skills.

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Lindsey said...

Oh, how sweet! I know I am going to cherish those homemade Christmas crafts so much when my boys get older. Thinking of you this season on your first Christmas without Jacob. I know how proud you are of him but I know it is hard too. Prayers for you all!

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