Friday, September 9, 2011

After we dropped off Elder Dayley at the airport, we came home and of course Dad took a nap.  It was a very early morning for everyone and nobody had slept well for a couple of days.  

While he napped, I blogged.  I knew our families would want an update quickly, and I know how much joy and peace it brings to me to read and see pictures of events when I am far away. It's like I got to be there almost.

Shortly after, we decided to run some errands.  I had enough time in at work to go get my scrubs and my strong silent mysterious man had a fence project that evening and needed to pick up some supplies.

We began to get some emails from Aunt Patsy...

He had arrived at the airport... they drove to Provo and met up with Marcus, Brittany and John....

Went to lunch at PF Changs!
Oh how relieved I was that his last meal would not be re-heated frozen pizza from the night before (that story to come).  Plus, he LOVES PF Changs!!

We were trying not to call them, we had said our goodbyes and didn't know if it would be hard to talk to him again.  But when they sent the fortune cookie photo... we called.
It was all good, he was happy, nobody cried.  I think I will miss his voice and smile the most.
Not to hear "Mom" for two years will be tough. 

The next update we got was a phone call from Patsy, he was officially delivered to the MTC.
She said he was greeted by his Host Elder at the curb, and he grabbed him and pulled him out of the car with a hand shake and a BIG OL' HUG, saying "I have been waiting for you ALL DAY!!"
She thought, "wow they really are giving quite the greeting"... and then found out it was his buddy from home, who he played on the golf team with.
She couldn't remember his name, but sent us this photo to my phone and as soon as I opened it, we couldn't believe it was Luke!  His fellow Elders on the curb were asking, "is this the Elder you have been waiting for ALL DAY?"
 In all the excitement, Patsy said they were walking away and she had to call him back to say goodbye.

He felt bad, but it was heartwarming to us to know he was not "looking back" he is ready to start his mission.  
I reached Luke's Mom and share these pictures with her, they have 3 missionaries out right now.  A son in Argentina, a daughter in Spain, and Luke leaves for Mexico on Monday!

It was such a tender mercy for us, to know he was so well received!
We are so grateful for the update along the way dropping him off and the photos, thank you Aunt Patsy for taking him in like he was your own!
It has been solomn and quiet at our house.  We have big ol' smiles on, but huge empty spaces in our hearts.  I can't bring myself to go into his room yet.  But I will have to go tackle that project soon, before something starts to grow in there.

Missing you Elder!!  Write home soon!!


Johnna said...

I am loving all of these updates. You are amazing Beth! Thanks for the pictures I remember holding and rocking Jacob when he was Johnnys size. Who would have thought that the years would have flown so quickly. (I'm really glad I can remember that far back :))

Have a great day!

HeidiT said...

How wonderful that he got to see a familiar face right away!

heidi said...

This is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing your moments with us!! What a great adventure for your family and so glad we get to follow along.

Della said...

It will probably be a while before I can read your wonderful blog without tears. We have so many beautiful memories and don't worry about his room....we will tackle that when I get there is a few days. I love you! Mom

PaD said...

I agree with Della. It will be a while before I can read your blog without tears.

He looked so great.

I suppose we'd be crying if he didn't go too. This is the best way for them to leave us. Love you all.

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