Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The alarm went off at 4:45am this morning, we hit our knees directly out of bed with the missionary and said lots of prayers of gratitude for this day.
Then got ready for the morning ahead.
Priesthood blessings for Mom and the Missionary, what a great peaceful feeling of comfort and love and assurance that all will be well.  We then said all of our farewells and Elder got enough puppy kisses to last him and we were off to the airport. 
 I know it looks like in most of the pictures, he was running from me through the airport, but it just wasn't about pictures today, especially for him.  So I just did the best I could.
He was really peaceful, but mostly seemed very focused.  He has flown so many times, so I never worry about that.  
 I have a hard time keeping up with him on any other day of the week, so when he is this focused, I really didn't have a chance.  But it was all good!

 We must have walked up to the ticket counter looking a little dazed (from this pic of my Strong Silent Mysterious Man... a very solomn daze)... this really nice agent came right over to us and helped get him all checked in.
 When he went to pay for his checked luggage, his debit card wouldn't go through.  But he wasn't panicked, he just looked at me and said "Mom, it will be fine".  I assured him I would go right home and find out what the problem was and get it fixed and let him know in my first letter.  He didn't seem concerned at all.
 He didn't slow down a minute for any pictures, so I had to just hold the camera out, bend around to the front of him and shoot to try and get anything other than the back of his head.  
 We got one more quick hug and he was off (sorry I missed the hug photo too, this one is right after).
 Then the wait through security.
 It went fairly quick, but I have never seen so many people at the Boise Airport, ever.  Crazy.
 We never saw any other missionaries traveling this morning.  We thought we might, but not one.
 He kind of stands out anyway, but those missionaries really stand out in a crowd.
 We got one last wave and smile from him and he was off.
If you pause and watch the video by frame, you can kind of catch the wave behind the post.  Oh well.
 A few tears as he walks away, but we are good.
Mostly just feeling the big ol' tall empty space right now.

I made it home and found out exactly why his card didn't work and got it fixed.  He won't know, but I can leave word for him with his Aunt.

He will arrive in SLC at 9:11am and his Aunt Patsy will be picking him up and driving him about 1 1/2 hours to the MTC in Provo, UT.  So we will call her and get one final update on the missionary before he reports, and then wait anxiously for that first letter home.


PaD said...

I don't know why but just feel like crying. Not for him but I know how it is when the last one leaves home. He looks so great. You've done such a great job. Love ya, Mom D

Kristi M. said...

What an exciting time for you guys. You may not feel that way but the blessings will just poor in for the next two years. Jeff's cousin's son (catch that? haha) also left the Boise airport this morning for his mission (they also live in Caldwell). I'm not sure exactly some time. He is going somewhere in South America, I believe. His name is Sam Nuttall. I wouldn't be surprised if they bump shoulders here and there.

Johnna said...

I cried as if my own son was leaving again. We are so proud of him and his decision to serve the Lord. We love you guys!

heidi said...

Thank you for posting this tender moment in your lives!! What a great experience this will be for you guys! I am so excited to get to see him grow!! Love and hugs and prayers!

Lindsey said...

Hugs to you Beth, I know you are so proud of him and what he is doing but it still has to be tough. I remember Jake from when you 1st moved here, hard to believe he is off on his Mission. You all will be in our prayers tonight.

HeidiT said...

Glad to hear that all is going well, what an exciting thing for your family!
Isn't it crazy how busy the airport is at that hour? I was shocked when I went a couple weeks ago that the security line was that long.

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