Sunday, September 4, 2011

Behind the scenes...

I almost never post the pictures I take that don't really turn out.
I am a perfectionist that way... but sometimes they do capture the moments and have a story to tell of how I got that ONE photo.
(btw, it's never just ONE photo, ask my boys)
"it should  be like this"...
(A parents right to council, no matter how old you are)
 "no, I like it like this"

He was blinking on purpose, every time I took a shot.  Only I didn't notice until about 9 or 10 clicks and ever picture a re-do... he thought he was being hilarious messing with me.  This is why I probably torture everyone involved and take a hundred shots trying to get just one.  And why I will never be a confident photographer, my son has wrecked it for me.  But to see him laugh, it's almost worth it. Almost.

I love our Missionary!

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