Monday, September 12, 2011

I have been waiting for this post all week (I knew it might be a few days, this is one busy Mom)!  I knew it would bring a different perspective coming from her thoughts with her words.  

I love remembering that these are the cousins that first started calling him Jake.  Well it was Jakey when he was little... but when we named him, his nickname was to be Jake, we just always called him Jacob... until they started the trend... I still love hearing them call him Jake!  it's very sweet and endearing to me.  

It was so wonderful to re-live these special moments of this special day again (I didn't know Marcus couldn't make it... I kept waiting for a picture with his cousin or with his Aunt... I love that one).  Especially since we are still waiting patiently for our first letter home from our missionary.

Thank you again Patsy, it meant the world to have family there with him!!!

Missionary Jake :)

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Della said...

How wonderful to get Patsy's beautiful words and pictures on sharing time with Jacob as he entered MTC. How blessed we all are that he has such a wonderful family who support him and love him so completely. Thanks for sharing, Beth. I love you, Mom

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