Monday, September 12, 2011

First letters home...

We got our first email from Elder Dayley in the MTC today!!!  I was sooooo excited!!!
He eluded to another letter, which came in the mailbox, but didn't have much info in it, mostly requests for additional immunization records and where to fax it etc.  But it was really special to see his handwriting on something.  Somehow those little things are really special when they are away from home.

You can go read his email here posts on the blog will be edited to protect names and places since it is not a private blog... if you would like to be on the weekly fwd of his email, just let me know and I will add you to the group).

I was laughing and crying all at the same time!  It was more information than I expected, my child is not a writer.  So that was pleasantly surprising to get so many details.  I had to giggle at his spelling (he gets that from his Dad)... and really giggle at all the "dot dot dot..." (he gets that from me, ha ha ha... it's my favorite punctuation).

I wasn't going to fix all of that and just post them as they came, but on the blog I did do a spell check and broke it up into paragraphs... otherwise it was just kind of one big long sentence hahaha!  But I won't do that anymore, you will just get what you get.  I am guessing it could improve with the language training, so m it will be fun to track the changes in him that way too.

  • It was awesome to find out his departure date from the MTC.
  • I found a good Spanish Translator to help me at  He had put an app from them on my iphone and would practice his Spanish while we were driving.  I should have picked up something over the past 5 months, you would think? But no.  Glad I am not in sink or swim mode... hahaha I loved that terminology.
  • Juice over Mt. Dew (even caff free) good choice.  Mom was pleased.
  • Getting lost going to class, somehow not as disturbing as it was when he was in the 1st grade... I have come along way.
  • Can't wait for pictures... not sure how my child came up with the Ralph Lauren reference, because I am certain he does not know what the REAL RL looks like, only the horse logo.  This should be interesting.

We feel so much better after hearing something from him.    I think I am ready for the ride now!

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heidi said...

Yay!!! Didn't ya just about burst in to tears when you saw that you had an e-mail!!? His letter was great and upbeat! How wonderful!! AND I am impressed that he had the self control to only have one Mt. Dew. Way to be!!

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