Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our annual women's weekend...

My Mom and Sister came over from Seattle to Boise for our annual women's weekend.
 I am still in a little bit of a fog since the missionary left, but we had the best time!
 The women's show had changed a little, seemed like less vendors this year.
But Costco had stepped in... good for them to sponsor and have a booth and huge giveaways!
I love Costco.
 Jared your looking pretty thin!
Sad not to see him there this year.  I had heard him on the radio in Boise a couple of weeks ago, and wondered if he was going to get to come back so soon after?
But Sis got her picture with his card board cut out anyway!
 Milk was still all the buzz.
 We stayed downtown later than normal and found our way to PF Changs!!!
Our waiter was not shy about posing for his picture, and had to see it after to make sure he looked good in it.  So funny!!!
 The missionary keeps asking for pictures, so we had to get a pic by the big horse outside... his favorite place to pose.  Only it ended up kind of spooky/creepy at night.  Oh well, I will send it as our Halloween pictures or something.
 Finally Saturday morning the 5k was here.
My strong silent mysterious man drove us into town so we wouldn't have to park... at pre dawn light what a knight, huh?
 The energy was high!
All those women in one place with the focus on being healthy!
It just makes me want to be better!!!
 The Boise State Marching band came this year, they were awesome and played their fight song!!!
It was perfect weather.
We really had a great time.
Being together and cherishing the moments.
That evening we went for a drive...
Just to see the beauty of Idaho...
The Snake river...
The Owyhee mountains...
And ended up at the Blue Canoe for dinner..
The sunset on the drive home was so pretty...
Sunday morning at the airport goodbyes were hard...
It felt like we had just left there without our teenager...
Now leaving along again... 
We came home and pouted.  But are so greatful for the wonderful weekend we had with my Mom and Sis.
I really look forward to this time with them every year.  I am so grateful they can keep coming.  It was especially sweet timing this year, as I still feel so tender and emotional from all the changes in my life as the teenager left.  And it gave me so much courage and inspiration to begin to focus on myself, and my health.
I can't wait until next year to do it again, even stronger!

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HeidiT said...

Such a fun tradition to be able to do that every year!

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