Thursday, October 6, 2011

Break down in the ice cream isle...

Tomorrow (or yesterday depending on who you ask at our house) will be our one month mark that the missionary has been gone.
I've really been adjusting well.  Loving the special time with my strong silent mysterious man. Seriously nobody told me that would be so sweet, I was actually a little nervous about it, but IT'S AWESOME!!!
And I had heard the teariness and tears of missing the missionary would come in unexpected places at unexpected times.
I just had no idea how random it would be.
Today I was at Walmart picking up a few things, and went down the ice cream isle... and pretty much lost it!
The big alligator river of tears that you can't just wipe and and hide discretely... yep a mini breakdown!  In the ice cream isle.

I actually had to call my Mom to get a grip on reality.
Ice cream was just one of those things at our house, Jim likes vanilla or caramel (good luck finding that), I like chunky cookie candy stuff in my ice cream, and the missionary liked chocolate ice cream.  So I have literally spent hours of my life so far just trying to pick out ice cream at the store.  Honestly it isn't my first break down in the ice cream isle.  Well just walking up the isle, it over came me. in a new way!!
I managed to pull it together and then went to grab some popcorn only to find the sunflower seeds right next to the popcorn, yep you guessed it, another mini breakdown, missing my missionary.  He loves sunflower seeds!
This went on about every other isle until I could finally stumble my way out of the store, feeling like a total boob.
I have no idea what I bought.  
It passed.  I am fine.  It was just one (or two or four) of those moments.
I guess Jim will have to do the grocery shopping from now on :)
He said it happens to him sometimes too, but not in the grocery store.


Lindsey said...

The benefit to your post: If I ever see a woman break down in the food dept at Walmart, I will not assume she is crazy but possibly that her child has just left the nest. I assume it happens more often thatn one may assume. Hugs to you Beth.

Beth said...

Yeah don't judge crazy women... you never ever know could be going on in their hearts, or at their homes... ha ha glad to help. Thanks Lindz

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