Saturday, October 15, 2011

LIfe keeps going on...

Day by day goes by, I am not getting time to blog like I used to.  The days have been flying by since the missionary left.  I have set so many goals to accomplish in two years.  It seemed like a long time until I look at some of the mountains I want to climb... then looking at the 5 weeks have already gone by, it seems like time is flying so fast.  I haven't accomplished much yet.  It's weird, Fridays are my hard days, they feel like I am in slow motion... they go by soooo slow.  I think about the missionary the most on Fridays.  Or just miss him the most on those days.  He was a great Friday night cuddle up under a blanket and watch a movie eating popcorn buddy, or sneak out and get a slurpee at midnight.  (uh yea, it's a good thing I don't have an eating buddy right now).
My strong silent mysterious man is trying, but we don't like the same movies, and he is not flexible in that area, and he eats to survive, so snacks and late night eating is not for him!! (this is a really good thing for me).  So it's the night I end up on my own.  Well as alone as you can get with two 60lb. dogs laying on top of you, "snuggling".

So it doesn't matter if I am working on my goals or not, the time is still going to go by.  So I should make the most of it and hunker down and get busy!!

I feel busy, I am loving my work.  Much more than I ever could have imagined.  I love the people, I love the atmosphere.  I love the work.  I love learning new things (well that is a lie, learning new things is painful for me, because I don't like to make mistakes... and feel vulnerable).  But I like it when I figure out how to do those new things and get better at them each week :)

I have still been able to keep up my hair appointments with Katie!
I love that girl... she let's me talk about my missionary as long as I want!!
So I did!!!
Thanks Katie :)

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