Saturday, October 15, 2011

The missionary will freak!!

We have a Panda Express in Caldwell now!!
He LOVES Panda Express.  My Strong Silent Mysterious Man... not so much!
I can't wait to write the missionary and let him know.  I had no idea it was coming!!
(I am so out of the loop these days... totally still coming out of a fog).
You can't see it, but they must have been having a grand opening sale or something because it is packed inside wall to wall... yay!!
Also, randomly the coffee place across the street was packed, lined out into the boulevard and people standing in line for almost a block... must have had a great deal on coffee too??


heidi said...

We have a few excited people around here as well. And, the Dutch Brothers Coffee place was having an 'any drink only $1' deal. We love the orange chicken at the one joint and gingerbread steamers at the other. It might get to be a busy corner for us!!

{emily} said...

They have Panda in Caldwell now?? I'm freakin out! This just means you need to eat there often for Jacob. Haha [:

HeidiT said...

I just saw that this week and thought the same thing about how I didn't know it was coming, it seems like it was just randomly there overnight!

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