Friday, October 21, 2011

The Office Party

Yesterday afternoon was our annual (well my 1st... but I love saying "our annual") office party!
The "Boss" took us to Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin patch.  This totally rocks over any company thing I have probably EVER been drug to!
Meet the "Boss".  (His daughter and her husband run the farm so that is where the inspiration comes from.)
 Meet the rest of the office staff (Marlana) and her "fireman" and two of her kids.  She is probably the biggest reason I LOVE my job sooo much.  One awesome lady!!
My Strong Silent Mysterious Man ended up having to work and couldn't get away to come with us :(
First stop was the Pumpkin Canon... yep, it launches pumpkins!

We decided we could rent it and have a party built just around the fun of shooting pumkins at stuff.  They also had corn cob launchers, in case the cannon was a little too intimidating to you.

Our group managed to overcome any intimidation factor.

The animals!
Of course I LOVE the animals.
Aubrey reminded us all we would have to wash up before eating since we had all that animal grub on our hands.  Sensible child, isn't she?

Oreo!  I might have to have one!

Then we had to get some food before we could move on... my kind of crowd!!
Cotton Candy, YUM!!!

And the footlong corndog!
This was one serious corndog!!

In perfect teenage boy style, AJ had no problem.   I was so fun to have a teenager with us, it made me miss my teenager... who won't be one anymore the next time I see him.

Pumpkins of course... and they had some of those cool ones with the knarly bumps all over them!

I think we had the best time in the corn maze!

Yes, we had a map, AND a fireman, and a really smart doctor... but we still got lost.  The Boss had to slip out to a meeting before we got out, but I think he was on the right track... he would say things like "if we can find the convergence of four" I am sure he was our man.

However it would be the teenager to lead us to safety.

These are the past years of mazes and themes they have had.  
Awesome!!!  This is not just a guy driving a tractor through a corn field to create a maze.... we take our corn mazes serious here in Idaho!!

Then we were off on the hay ride to find a pumpkin.

Yes, the best pumpkins grow out in the very back of the patch... that's where you will find the biggest and heaviest one, perfect for carving anyway!

See the perfect pumpkin... I told you.

Good thing she brought along her strong fireman to carry it out for her.  I always had a big brother for that, I think it's why God made boys.
The Boss's daughter and her man 
(Oh yeah, Mom this is also Daniel's sister... you will recognize him in her smile and eyes for sure).

She isn't "stealing a pumpkin" (I bet that gets old)... they are expecting their next baby :)

We had the best time, what a great company party!
A really good time was had by all!
And I found out today, they will plan something for Christmas time too.
I can't wait to get together with this crew again and bring my strong silent mysterious man with me next time.

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