Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good day sunshine ♫

It was a beautiful sunshine filled day!
My strong silent mysterious man took me out to breakfast at the Airport Cafe.  Absolutely a huge amount of food for a very good price... if you like a really cozy atmosphere.  I guess the pilots must all gather and eat there and probably all know each other and don't mind a little sticky table here and there, it was a little more ewkey than I like to see where I eat food that I am not cooking, but really easy on the budget and it would fill a growing teenage boy... so sometimes you weigh the options.

 Later on the mailman brought a package from the missionary!
We couldn't figure out why he would mail such a thick pkg.... he needed to be thrifty and it wasn't big enough for his "last box home" (they get to send a one time box home at no charge to send home anything they don't NEED to take out to the misson field, like a bundle of letters, keepsakes, or pictures).
 We were baffled but very excited to see what he was up to.
It was my birthday gift!
Two photo albums and a cute card he wrote a big ol' long note in for me!!  I admit, I was wondering if he knew when our birthdays were, and when he was on his own would he write anything special that week to recognize it??   My birthday happens to be two days after he leaves the MTC to travel to Paraguay, so he wrote he didn't want to miss my birthday and sent it early to be sure.
Melt my heart!
I miss him so much, and it was an especially hard day for me before it arrived. 
There was no way it didn't just make my year!!
Sooooo thoughtful!!!!
I love my missionary!!


PaD said...

That is so wonderful Beth. I'm happy for you and that place sounds like one Jack would like too.

I hope it get's easier for you soon. I know it's hard. Call sometime. I never know when you're going to be home. Love you all. Mom D

Donna Lynn said...

Wow.... isn't it amazing to see they were paying attention to what was important. I am super impressed and can't wait for you to tell me about the pictures.

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