Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Concert and the fair...

We got a thrifty deal on fair tickets a few months ago, so we decided to take the teenager to his first concert.  
 Cheap Trick.  I know, a cheezy 80's band for his first concert?  We just ran out of time and choices.  He just couldn't go out into the world with having been to a concert, as much as his Father LOVES live music.  Hopefully it won't be his last concert.
 We must be getting old, it was loud, so loud.
 And when old guys are still playing this many years later... well did I mention cheesy?  They still have good music, but old guys should at least try and keep their dignity, and not try and act like they did winking at young screaming blonde girls from the stage.
It was an experience.  We never thought we would leave a live concert early, but we did.  It just wasn't worth dealing with all the riff raff.  I guess that's what you get when you see a band at the fair.
 But to get our moneys worth on the tickets, I got to go see the animal barns!  My favorite!!
And my strong silent mysterious man didn't even rush me and was a good sport about it :) Yay!
 We really had a good time together as a family.
It might have been torture for the teenager to hang out with his old parents at the fair, but he was a good sport too.
And never got lost once!

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