Saturday, September 3, 2011


Our priest quorum (16-18 year old youth group) has a traditional steak dinner and testimonial meeting to send off the missionaries in our ward.
 So last night we attended with Jacob.
 They were so good to bring all the food, grill up scrumptious steaks and yummy salads, with donuts for dessert... so perfect for these boys! 
They shared some things they loved about Jacob.

 He says this is how we look Mom when we are serious... we all look down... ha ha ha :)
 They also offered their personal advice for the missionary before he leaves.
 Some great things to ponder and council to take heed to from his friends and leaders and Bishop!
 And Mom and Dad too!
 And somehow the night would not be complete, if we weren't moving chairs and tables for someone :)
Just kidding, of course, it's been a busy summer with the stake equipment shed, and it blesses so many families to have chairs and tables and tents available to check out and use for events (I was just being sarcastic because there have been days I wanted to answer the phone "Dayleys rentals", so don't call the Stake President and turn me in or fire my husband, he really loves doing it).  It was awesome to have all the willing hands and strong muscles to load and then go help unload for a family.
A special night, and a really good time was had by all.

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