Monday, August 29, 2011

The game of golf...

The game of golf... it's a finicky game.
But yet we still play.
 I had not been on this course before, but the boys had told me how beautiful it is.
 So I grabbed my camera... 
 It was much more beautiful than I could capture, before my battery went dead.
 This would represent sarcasm... because he doesn't like his personal paparazzi.
 The water, the mountains looking over the greens... so beautiful!
 Well beautiful if you get to sit on a golf cart and ride around taking pictures of it, and don't have to hit a ball by it without doing what I call a kurplunk shot.
 I think this was a successful shot... he tosses the ball up and grabs it from the top as it falls.
It's one of his signature moves.
 As we passed some of the homes on the course, their landscaping and vast size and beauty was really hard to pass up. 

 Trying to cooperate with the paparazzi...
 This is his good luck sweater, btw.
 Lots of pondering goes on during the game of golf.
 I fell in love with the big old trees....
 But they are not very welcome if you get hung up behind them and have to do some kind of special curve shot, that probably has some special name, but I just can't remember it.
 And if you hook it too much, well yep, that darn beautiful water, is not so beautiful when you have to retrieve your ball from it.  Good thing we have that special ball retrieving tool, the one I gasped about when it was purchased.
 It's weird how bendy he is at 6'4" huh....
 Real golfers don't actually wear the glove, it looks more professional hanging out of your pocket don't you know?

 I don't remember this shot, he must have been doing some kind of victory dance?
 Is the club really supposed to bend like that?
Maybe that is what they mean when they talk about "flex, and stiffness of the clubs".

 But even more impressive, that view!
My boys...
Wait, I think I've seen this picture before...
Look at it again!  Is that too funny or what?
Seriously, I loved being with them all day on the course.  But it took me back to the first week he was born, as a very little baby I couldn't take my eyes off of him.  I starred at him all day, watched him move, and laugh and ponder.  I loved taking pictures of him, but I loved even more just soaking up every last view of him committing it to my memory so I will never ever forget what this feels like to have him next to me.

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