Monday, May 23, 2011

The shirt...

From the moment Jacob was able to start his paperwork to apply to serve a mission for our church, he had been thinking of what he would have to "represent".
If it were in the States, perhaps a tie from the major college or university, or if it was in another country maybe their flag or something.
Well as soon as he found out he had been called to serve in Paraguay, he wanted a soccer shirt. REALLY BAD!!
It was not easy for him to find, a nice one that was not a cheesy knock off, or $80 plus dollars (they must have the original game sweat from the official team still on them?). But he is my son, and has that "where there is a will, there is a way" attitude, and eventually found one.
You have probably already seen it in some of my pics... because he wears it ALL THE TIME!! And if you haven't, just wait an hour or so and he will probably come walking out with it on, because he changes clothes like a teenage girl (no offense to teenage girls).

But when he first put it on, he wouldn't model for me so these were all I got, he walking away from me, or trying to hide. I had to keep this one, because Jim is oblivious to anything going on around him when he is in his, what we call "Jimi zone" (in honor of Jimi Hendrix).

Now he can truly "represent", as he puts it. LOL!
It's all in fun, I just hope he never forgets who he is really representing.
And just when I didn't think I could live with his excitement another day... he met a missionary yesterday at church serving in the Spanish branch of our stake who is FROM ACUNSION, PARAGUAY!! He lives about 10 miles from the Temple there. He was so excited, over the top excited! So we will be having him over for dinner and they are planning to coordinate so Jacob can go out with them on splits very soon.

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Della said...

I really enjoyed this, Beth. It is so Jacob. You must admit the young man is a class act all the way. I am so proud of him!!!! His parents have done a terrific job.

HeidiT said...

I think of all my return missionary friends from college who served in S. America every time I see pics of Jacob wearing that shirt -- sooo a return missionary thing, I swear everyone of them had a soccer shirt.
AND it's the FIRST thing I noticed the day you told me where he was going and I googled Paraguay to get some cake ideas. Pictures of that shirt were everywhere --- it MUST be included somehow in the cake design ;)

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