Monday, May 23, 2011

A horse of course...

Thanks Lynn for including me in Brooklynn's life!
My Sis (aka Gigi) sent me this photo of her grand daughter with the caption...
"The pony at Fred Meyer will never be enough now"
Of course before I opened the email, I thought "what the heck have they done now? Bought her a pony"??? It was a good subject line to get me to read your email post haste!!
Then I just had to chuckle.
She is so darn cute!
Her little hello kitty jacket and matching pants with her painted nails and pink hair bow, with her hands place in princess like fashion (not the death grip hold I would have thought if you told me she rode a horse). I can only imagine the conversation she is having with this little pony.
It's hard to be far away from family, the little ones grow so fast and you miss so much. But thanks Lynn for calling me every Friday when you pick up B- to sing a song together, and letting me talk to her or should I say listen to her... because once you get her talking oh boy she has something to say with great enthusiasm, and for sending me pictures of her at swimming lessons, and in new dresses, and riding ponies! It really does help make the miles all the way from Idaho not quite so far.
I love you and miss you!!
Love, The favorite ddd
("darling dimpled daughter", from my favorite Sesame Street Story; "The Diamond D and the Dreadful Dragon" a must read... Interesting that we both married into "D" families... now we are the Darling Dimpled Daughters from the Dayley and the Dennis clans... hmmm that just came to me. )

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Della said...

Beth, how fortunate we are that Lynn takes the time on her day off to share her precious Brooklynn with us. She always brings her over for juice and cookies before they head to Papa and Gigi's to fix Papa's dinner. We are able to add many wonderful memories to our treasure chest because of the thoughtfulness of our two DDDaughters who share with us!!!!!!

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