Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love to see the Temple...

Last week I had put a Temple trip on my calendar with some of "the girls".
And "the girls" all had things come up the days before, and couldn't go, but I kept thinking I should go anyway.
So Friday after much deliberation, and dragging my feet, I went, all by myself.
It's not a big deal, but I always only really liked to go with my Strong Silent Mysterious Man... and one day I decided I need to go much more often than he could (during spring and summer, he is soooo busy at work) and I broke out of that shell and went with "the girls". Whoever, just friends or ladies from my ward family, it was always different. But I have only be by myself a few times.
It's harder to motivate somehow.
But I have to say, it's soooo much better.
I love going without anything or anyone else to think about.
I can do everything in my own timing. I am amazed at how much I worry about what others think, or how others see me. I didn't have that by myself. Apparently I don't care what strangers think of me (that is a good thing... I probably did most of my life). I actually sat and wrote in my journal before I left the Temple grounds (I always wanted to do that, but never wanted someone to have to "wait" on me). It was a wonderful reflective time. I needed that time to get my mind quiet. It's very noisy in there lately. I don't concentrate well with noise.
I love the Temple.

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